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Osteria La Buca

In March 2010, LA restaurant owner Graham Snyder emailed Brendan about commissioning him to design some bar stools for his Italian restaurant on Melrose.   Graham had been inspired by [a bottle opener] he’d seen in La Cucina Italiana; he didn't know that Brendan had recently moved to L.A. and was looking for work. Soon the two of them were sitting down to share their respective design and restaurant philosophies.


That conversation resulted in the design commission that would lead to the founding of the studio. Graham had a tight budget but a flexible timeline, so Brendan proposed designing custom furniture and fixtures for the space at cost if he could retain the rights to the designs.

The project introduced Brendan to local LA manufacturers and led to the design and production of our Angle and La Buca furniture families as well as our original tensegrity fixture, the Cord Chandelier.


The process of prototyping new designs and putting them through small scale production ourselves was eye opening. Before that, we’d always pitched designs to other companies for production, but when we discovered the rich manufacturing resources of Southern California and saw how quickly ideas could be brought to reality when self-realized, we switched course. This began our journey to produce our own designs here in LA and distribute them to the world.

We still work with some of the vendors we met when we were building out the restaurant, and we draw daily inspiration from the materials and manufacturing methods that they’ve taught us.