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The Cord Family is a celebration of form driven by physics. The series began as an exercise to simplify Jean Prouvé’s classic Potence lamp by using the fixture's electrical cord in place of the guy wire. The result is a pleasing symmetry between the structural members. The family utilizes the principle of tensegrity, or floating compression, where the compression of the steel arm resists the tension of the cloth electrical cord to hold the custom ceramic socket aloft.

Double Cord Chandelier

The Double Cord Chandelier is an impeccably balanced fixture. Stretching nearly seven feet in length, the fixture nonetheless creates intimacy with eight arms that extend downward and two pointing up. This chandelier makes a dramatic impression hung above a dining room table or kitchen island. 

Cord Chandelier

The Cord Chandelier floats dramatically overhead, with a three-part axis of symmetry that provides welcome intrigue to rectilinear rooms. The lightweight fixture is suspended from a flexible power cord which allows the mobile like stucture to spin gently with the breeze.

Long Cord Chandelier

The Long Cord Chandelier was designed to hang above rectilinear tables, with two arms that extend 46 inches long and four central arms that extend downward to create intimacy. The overall width of 29" is designed to complement the footprint of a standard dining table. 

Cord Pendant

The Cord Pendant's minimal armature adds a touch of class to any space. A custom milled brass triangle connects the three arms of the Cord Pendant for a refined look. Radiating cloth cords complete the triangular tensegrity structure.

Cord Sconce

An evolutionary descendant of Jean Prouve's Potence Lamp, the Cord Sconce is simple in construction but its elements are fully utilized. The cloth electrical cord provides tension to hold the pivoting steel arm in place, while also discreetly hiding the mounting screws. Available as a plug-in lamp with a hi-low switch as well as a hardwired version with wall plate for connecting to junction boxes.

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Double Cord Chandelier

83.5” x 29” x 10”

Lead Time: 8-10 Weeks