Grain Pendant – A Case Study

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The Grain Pendant is a great example of why we love working with local fabricators, and how those relationships can lead to new discoveries. While working on a commission to design a trash can for the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, our metal spinner, H& H manufacturing, mentioned that there was a chance that the wood grain from the spinning mold might be visible on the finished part. He meant it as a warning--but instead of being worried, I was intrigued. My reaction surprised him, and when I asked if this was something that could be enhanced he was truly taken aback. In 20 years, he said I was the only person that heard his disclaimer and wanted to double down. The idea simmered for a while and finally last summer we started work on what would become the Grain Pendant. We began with a full size drawing of our Bare Light holding a half chrome G25 bulb. From this drawing we carefully calculated the proportions and dimensions of the new spun part, designing it so that the wood grain on the shade would be illuminated by the reflected light coming from the half chrome bulb. We were also careful to cut the mold for the part in such a way that the "wedding cake" layers of wood used in the molds would be oriented to minimize the visible seams of the glued-up blank. Once the mold was cut we took it to our local metal plater and had them gently sandblast the mold in order to raise the grain. The first pieces that we spun of this new sandblasted mold were even more beautiful than we had anticipated, with the wood grain clearly visible on both sides of the spun shade. After being plated or anodized, the shade is paired with a modified version of out Bare Light, which has had its lower edge flared out to for this design in order to suspend the spun shade. We are thrilled about the end result, and hope you will be too!
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