L.A. Designed. American Made.

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L.A. Designed. American Made.

We work to strike the perfect balance between material, function and form in our designs. Our work is devoid of excess and ornament, striving for a logical celebration of physics, material and craft. We find great reward in making beautiful things and are proud to build all our pieces in the USA.


We're excited to share our newest fixture, the Beam Pendant, our take on the classic typology of shop lamps. With the advent of new technology, fluorescent tubes have been replaced by thin strips of high efficiency LEDs. Using those arrays as our jumping off point, we explored linear manufacturing processes to arrive at our material palette of plywood, extruded aluminum and rolled acrylic. We join and shape these materials into a fixture with angled sides and rounded ends that imply movement and directionality, not simply an elongated rectangle, but a bold graphic line floating in space.

Available in 46” and 84” lengths and two finish options, Beam is equally at home in a dining room or a conference suite, and answers the need for a linear fixture that inspires. Learn more and pre-order here


Meet the Echo Lamp, a piece we created in partnership with Maison Integre for Wallpaper* Handmade. Our response to this year's theme of Love, two cast bronze shells relate to each other to create this lamp; one a light source and the other a reflector, which can move and dance around each other. Each cast shell by itself does a poor job of illumination: alone the reflector would sit dark, while the light source alone would cast a harsh direct light.

Together, the two pieces engage in a beautiful formation that emanates light. Echo is metaphor for our human relationships and how love is best understood when projected and reflected upon others. Get in touch with Maison Integre to snag one for yourself.