L.A. Designed. American Made.

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L.A. Designed. American Made.

We work to strike the perfect balance between material, function and form in our designs. Our work is devoid of excess and ornament, striving for a logical celebration of physics, material and craft. We find great reward in making beautiful things and are proud to build all our pieces in the USA.


We are excited to share our latest design with you. Inspired by Japanese fishing floats and how a ripping tide pulls lobster buoys partially under water, the Float Pendant is an exploration in material and movement. Cylinders of borosilicate glass are joined by our expert glass blowers to create an internal optic and sandblasted exterior shade. Available in single, double or triple clusters the Float Pendant comes complete with brass and leather ceiling hardware that allows the fixtures to be swaged over to bring light to where you need it. View full specs here. 


MAY 21-24th

Stop by our ICFF Booth #829 from May 21-24th where we'll be featuring our new Float Pendant, Grain Drum 33, and Ada Sconce 25. We'd love to see you!

Swing by and see highlights from our 2017 collection in person at the Uhuru Showroom at 74 Franklin Street in Tribeca. Open to the public and trade daily from 10 AM - 6 PM. 


Building upon the knowledge learned by building our Drum 25", the Grain Drum 33" pushes the form to the largest size possible with a 48" spinning blank. Using a method similar to how drums are made, we cut one long board of maple into pie shaped staves and glue them up in a circle to create the hollow mold from which the spinning tool was made.The Grain Drum 33" is illuminated by four bulbs that are concealed behind a wood grain reflector, giving the impression of standing under an eclipse. View full specs here.